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If you would like to contribute towards the building of this platform and have online social network building skills/experience please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you are a member of a developing sustainable community or EcoVillage and would like to join the Sphere Click Here

Growing Sprouts With No Daily RInsing

~ EcoVillage & Community Sphere ~
When the Interdependent Project was first created the first intent was to create a functional, dynamic online network that would serve existing/developing EcoVillages and sustainable communities. All of us at the Interdependent Project have worked, lived, and traveled to various sustainable communities and EcoVillages throughout our lives and the one common need that we have seen among these communities is a solid online networking hub that would allow connections to happen between communities.

The Green Fire Foundation is
currently being established to provide infrastructure
grants and eventually small business grants and loans.

SeThInk Media is donating
10% of all gross revenue to
the foundation..



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