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Rolling Out the Green Carpet!
This is where you will be able to meet and listen to interviews
with the "best of the best" educators, organization leaders, business pioneers, and individuals who have dedicated their life work to sustainable living. After each broadcast of the Interdependent Project Radio show this page will serve as a permanent archive of all shows.

Special guest

and core team member Robin Marche will join in to introduce the concepts behind the "Seeds of Sustainability" program.

Interdependent Project Radio Debut Show

Dandarius introduces the Interdependent Project Radio by devoting the debut broadcast hour to a succinct and focused description of what the Interdependent Project Radio and web portal is all about. Featuring music from across the spectrum, Dandarius walks listeners through the Sustainability Matrix and shares more details about the "quality standard" as well as explains the IP brand's guarantee of being a "Fear Free Solution Sphere"

Dr. Bradford Keeney

Sustain Yourself Show


Bradford Keeney, Ph.D., has been called “an all-American shaman, the Marco Polo of psychology, and an anthropologist of the spirit” by the editors of Utne Reader. Elders of indigenous traditions throughout the world – including the Kalahari Bushmen, the Caribbean Shakers of St. Vincent, the Guarani Indians of the Amazon, and leaders of the Japanese healing tradition of Seiki Jutsu – have embraced Keeney as an elder and spokesperson for the old ways of ecstatic shaking. Following an academic career as a systems theorist and psychotherapist, he spent over a decade traveling the globe, living with spiritual teachers, shamans, healers, and medicine people who trusted him to share their words with others –
modern cultures in need of Elder wisdom.

The result of Keeney’s work is one of the broadest and most intense field studies of healing and shamanism, chronicled in the critically acclaimed book series, Profiles of Healing, an eleven-volume encyclopedia of the world’s healing practices. His autobiography, Bushman Shaman, tells how he became a n/om-kxao (healer) with the Kalahari Bushmen. Megan Biesele, Ph.D., former member of the Harvard Kalahari Research Group, writes: “There is no question in the minds of the Bushman healers that Keeney’s strength and purposes are coterminous with theirs. They affirmed his power as a healer.” Keeney presently conducts his clinical work at the Center for Children and Families, Monroe, Louisiana. He also serves as Professor of Transformative Studies, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco; Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Rock Art Research Institute, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, and founding director of the Bushman (San) N/om-Kxaosi Ethnographic Project, Institute for Religion and Health,
Texas Medical Center, Houston.

Click here to visit Bradford Keeney's Shaking Medicine Site



Path of Beauty Show


Kan'Nal first formed in Guatemala in 2001. The band originally was composed of lead singer and songwriter Tzol and guitarist Tierro, later adding bassist Rodolfo Escobar, performance artist and backing vocalist Teresita Hinojosa, drummer Gilly Gonzalez, didgeridoo player Aaron Jerad, and dancer Akayate. Recent addition Brock Roser, plays didgeridoo, percussion, and adds vocal harmonies. The band also utilizes the talents of a number of great performers. Lauraleigh and Tiffany Artsmyth are two of the dancers who supplement Akayate's dance, as well as performing with fire, both twirling poi as well as fire-eating. There are a few other supporting dancers such as Katalytic. a

An authentic Rock & Roll band playing Tribal Psychedelic Rock, many of the band's songs, especially live versions, are long, sprawling, epic affairs featuring layers of flamenco-style guitar and thrumming bass guitar over the steady drone of didgeridoo and percussion, though shorter tracks like "All Things Change" and "Time" demonstrate the band's versatility and ability to effectively craft more accessible songs.

7 Generations Pass the Feather Show


Michael Flynn from the Emmy Award winning organization “Common Vision” joins us for the first 7 Generations~Pass the Feather show. Over the past 5 years, Michael and the Common Vision team have impacted over 45,000 students with their Fruit Tree Tour, where they teach the importance of planting trees for our future.

The team has visited in hundreds of schools throughout the State of California in a fleet of Biodiesel buses teaching students how to plant fruit trees for the future. Collectively
with the students Common Vision has planted enough fruit trees to yield around 250,000 pounds of fruit per year.
With experiential learning, historic skits, hip hop
performances, and drumming circles, the Common Vision
team makes a lasting impact on many who would otherwise never hear of these concepts and reminders of our relationship with each other and our home, the Earth.
The Creed of the Iroquoi, "In our every deliberation we must consider the impact on the next 7 Generations" is planted into the hearts and minds of children with every tree they plant.

Please visit the Common Vision website today!

Gaia University
Main Website

Sustainability Education Show


A cornerstone of our ability to move into a more sustainable world is Sustainability Education.
For our first show we will be talking to
Liora Adler, president and Co founder of Gaia University

Setting a completely new precedent in the way students are taught, Gaia University allows students to earn bachelor and masters degrees in a wide scope of study related to sustainability, from anywhere in the world. Rather than follow the old route of spending years
learning theory in a field of study that may be obsolete
by the time the student graduates, Gaia University
focuses on action learning and allows students to earn credits towards their degrees by building a portfolio of
field work, where the relatively small amount of theory
and academic instruction they receive is immediately tested and improved upon. Join us for this dynamic interview with a true innovator and visionary who is making leaps and bounds in professionalizing the
world of ecological design and sustainability education.

Organic Earth Show



Paul Stamets has been a dedicated mycologist for over thirty years, discovering and co-authoring four new species of mushrooms, pioneering countless techniques in the field of mushroom cultivation, and writing 6 books that are widely considered definitive texts of mushroom cultivation. 

His newest book is
Mycelium Running:
How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World.

In this interview Paul will be talking to us about the importance of mushrooms for healthy soil, gardening and reforestation. We will also be addressing their ability to quickly and easily transmutate environmental toxins, and their applications in restoring health in the environment and our bodies.

His company, Fungi Perfecti LLC has been providing "Quality Products for the Mushroom Enthusiast"
since 1980.


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Energy Show



Energy Independence Today
Bruce Marshall Jones

Prepare yourself to be blown away as we kick off the first Energy Independence Show with an interview with Bruce Marshall Jones.

Bruce is an “ecopreneur, and together we will be sharing with you some of the most exiting news in the field of affordable solar power in decades.

CitizenRe, a new solar company will be providing hundreds of thousands of people solar power with no system purchase, no installation or maintenance cost, no permit hassles, and no performance worries. Sound too good to be true? That’s not all. We will be discussing how you can become an ecopreneur as well. Don’t miss this amazing show with Bruce Marshall Jones of Energy Independence Today.

Earth Shelters Show


One of the world's leading experts and educators of straw bale construction will be joining us for the first
Earth Shelter Show
Welcome Andrew Morrison

After witnessing the amount of waste that goes on in most traditional construction sites, Andrew began to study straw bale architecture and has now built countless straw bale homes and structures, including the Straw Bale Village , a community of straw bale homes in the National Historic Landmark City of Jacksonville, Oregon. Andrews focus has shifted in the past two years from direct construction to teaching others how to build these functional, beautiful structures that have far too many benefits to mention here.
He presents his knowledge in a series of DVDs, newsletters and videos that show how to build a straw bale structure from the concrete foundation to the last coat of plaster.
Andrew’s passion for straw bale construction is second only to his dedication to his wife and children. They live together in a beautiful strawbale house in Oregon .


Learn More about "Low Impact Development"
from the
Lammas Ecovillage

Visit Lammas Website Today!

EcoVillage Show

There is an exciting and new sustainable community
model emerging called an “EcoVillage” and today you
are going to be enchanted with the introduction 'to'
and definition 'of' this community based on eco-intent
Paul Wimbush, Project Coordinator for the Lammas EcoVillage in Pembrokshire, Wales will
be our first guest for the EcoVillage Show. Paul and his dedicated team are the first group to attempt to have an EcoVillage approved through the planning department of their local township from the ground up. They have worked diligently to submit complete plans and blueprints and
they have been faithfully pushing on through a myriad of obstacles in what has been an epic journey to set a global precedent for sustainable community development. When the Lammas EcoVillage is approved there will at last be a model community that will set the “standard” for future EcoVillage developments everywhere. The success of Lammas is the success for all future “EcoVillage” models and we invite you to join with us to learn more
about this emerging community model.


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Earth Charter Today!

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Leaders Who Follow Show


We are honored to have the first Leaders Who Follow show, featuring an interview with Mr. Steven Rockefeller, author, scholar, and the second oldest son of former United States Vice President Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller. Mr. Steven Rockefeller was chairman of the drafting committee of the Earth Charter, which is a declaration of principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society for the 21 st century.

Join us to learn what the Earth Charter is, hear about the amazing drafting process which involved thousands of people from around the globe, and Mr. Rockefeller’s personal journey as well as deep commitment to our sustainable future.


Bioregional Congress Website for More Info

Globalocalsphere Show

Bioregional Movement with Greg Landua







Global and Local initiatives are the focus of the Globalocalsphere show and for today’s show we will be featuring an interview with core team member Greg Landua who is going to share with us what “bioregionalism” is and how people are forming bioregional congresses to implement positive agenda’s, strategies, and goals for sustainable living. Greg is a Bioregional Organizer and he works actively in the fields of permaculture, ecovillage design, regenerative education and regenerative media.

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