~The Team~

“Dandarius” – Daniel & Darlene Cavallaro are the founders of the Interdependent Project, but feel that the real “founders” are the millions of people worldwide who have thrown their whole lives into pioneering sustainable solutions. They would prefer to use the title “maestros” of interdependence ~ but acquiesce for prudence sake. The essence of this project was birthed by Daniel and the framework was organized by Darlene.

Daniel is president of SeThInk Media and author of the upcoming music education program Of Sound Mind™. Darlene is a writer, artist, and communication studies major. Their shared mutual passion of advocating sustainable solutions and the Interdependent Project was birthed from listening to the sounds of the collective voice of their own generation, and observing the collective wisdom of their elders.

Josh Green - aka "Electrolysis"
has been working "behind the scenes" and is now stepping out from behind the curtain. Josh has been working with us and providing tech support from the very beginning. Josh just recently obtained his broadcasters certificate of training and is the creator/author of "The Swami Project - Sampled Waveforms And Musical Instruments" - a collection of free software for editing and sharing MIDI instruments and sounds. Swami aims to provide cross platform (Linux, Windows and Mac OSX) instrument editing and sharing software. Josh is a very talented graphic artist and he has a deep passion for music and dance - you can check out the other awesome projects he devotes his life force to here.

Susan Frank lives in Pine, AZ, and is a student in the experiential and self-directed adult degree program of Prescott College in Prescott, AZ, studying management and organization for sustainable community. She has a varied background from crafty entrepreneurial endeavors to business administration and management, from bookkeeping to book publishing. Her years in Boulder, CO directing an artist cooperative in the 90's left a solid impression of how powerful and creative teamwork can be. Susan has had a long term interest in sustainable intentional communities and is passionate about the benefits of cooperation. She is thrilled to be involved in a project that brings people together in the name of sustainability.
As the Executive Administrator of the Community Sphere Susan will be helping members of the communities to co-create a strong network where ideas and information will be shared, connections will be made, and sustainable solutions will be discussed and manifested. Susan says, "I plan to provide as much nurturing and guidance as I can as we learn from each other and grow this sphere into a positive force together. When people unite to accomplish anything with good intentions, the possibilities are only limited by our imaginations.

Robin Marche
Author of the of Seeds of Sustainability Volume I: The Marche Sprouting Method & Living Oils system and Master Sprout Alchemist, Robin Marche, joins the Interdependent Project team after many devoted years of practicing and teaching methods/ techniques of sprout wizardry and for the first time is publishing and bringing forth his complete wisdoms to the global internet community within the Interdependent Project Sustainability Matrix. Robin has lived at communities for the past 20 years that have been pioneering sustainable living and he brings to the project a bright torch of wisdom and guidance.

Vladimir Frolov currently lives in Moscow, Russia, where he's involved with building a network of those actively working to solve local problems humanity faces globally.
He is in love with collaboration and co-creation, and he puts much hope into civil society based on democratic and inclusive social processes. Being an IT professional, he has become an open source software advocate and he generally promote openness wherever possible, as it helps make information and technology more accessible, open and free. Vladimir is associated with the Earth Charter Initiative, and has been been coordinating translations of various materials related to it. His professional background includes information technology, film-making, translation, and some other industries and paths.

Jason Deptula and Alayne Chauncey were both raised in Northern Virginia. They met while studying at VA Tech and found in each other that special shared alignment of worldview and ideals. Together, they “jumped into the rabbit hole” soon after Alayne graduated from VA Tech. In 2000, Jason and Alayne conceived their only child, and Alyxandra Grayce was born at home at “The Farm”, in Summertown TN, with the assistance of the amazing midwives there. They now live as full members of The Farm Community. Jason has been working with alternative fuels for the past several years. He has made modifications to quite a few diesel motors so they can burn used vegetable oil instead of petroleum diesel. Jason currently works at The Farm Ecovillage Training Center as site manager, as well as project manager of the Biofuels Research Cooperative. His goal with this newly formed co-op is to make high quality, clean and affordable fuels from agricultural wastes and other plant-based renewable sources. Alayne is currently manager at the EcoVillage Hostel and serves on the Board of Directors at the Farm Foundation. Jason and Alayne are powerful advocates of sustainable community living and bring their insight, brilliance, and talent into the Interdependent Project matrix to help string the pearls of sustainable wisdom together for the collective weaving of solutions.

Evan T. Spurrell is a man who has through his life wielded a power to transcend convoluted paradigms with an unyielding commitment to pushing the edges of imagination and possibility in all realms. Evan is a college student and life long learner who will always be expanding his horizons through classes workshops and private research. Evan has been pursuing permaculture as a career and currently works to cultivate sustainable relationships within his community - sometimes bridging seemingly vast political and eco-social paradigms. He is cultivating the growth of sustainable relationships within his community through forums like the world cafe open space technology, and simple potlucks as well as other social gatherings which wield the power and joy of conversation as a tool to harness the collective wisdom and resources of the community. Evan founded the Permaculture Production Crew in 2009 to meet the growing demand for a campus club which implements proactive eco-social strategies that inspire and activate positive personal and communal transformation. The Crew soon grew into a diverse team of environmentally proactive people who engage the community in projects which enhance the communities environmental sustainability.  This Club works in concert with a core cooperative business which practices permaculture design and also works for hire for other designers and design teams as a consulting work crew.  The Production Crew continues evolve into a versatile interdependent cooperative which seeks to enhance eco-social prosperity and finical sustainability on a global scale through grass roots action and cooperation.

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